About Liba

Big Picture, Small Details

Liba provide fully controlled and industrial vegetables production in high-tech greenhouses facilities along the ability to produce green and clean energy with very low CO2 foot print.

Working with leading agronomists and global agricultural equipment companies, Liba develops unique out-of-the-box solutions to meet any crop’s needs for advanced agricultural production.

The Liba Process

Thinking Out of the Box

Liba combines its advanced knowledge, expertise and experience in the global agricultural market, with an innovative creative approach. That’s what enables us to come up with unique solutions resulting in systems and designs that maximize production conditions to create optimal yields even in the most extreme environments.

Enhanced yields and increased profits are our fixed standard outcomes. Our method for achieving it is varied, creative, out-of-the-box.

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Get To Know Our Systems

State of the art facilities

Greens production – NFT

Lettuce and leafy greens are most commonly grown in nutrient-film technique (NFT) system. This system is best suited for producing ...

Semi-Closed Greenhouse

Semi-Closed Greenhouse (SCG) is working on a "positive" atmospheric pressure principle of between 10-20 psc. The ...
High-tech greenhouse to grow all kind of crops

High-tech vegetables greenhouse – AIS

Intense high-tech greenhouse to grow variety of crops from Tomatoes to Cucumbers all year long while keeping high yield and high ...

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